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Cameroonian student arrested for demanding her salary

A Cameroonian woman, by name Kandem Veronique who had not been paid her salary for months was on Saturday arrested by the Turkish Cypriot police in Famagusta because she was shouting at her employers. 

According to report by Turkish Cypriot daily, Kibris, Veronique, who was 'has not been paid her salary was arrested on Saturday afternoon for shouting loud at her place of work, and for allegedly living in the TRNC without a valid residence permit.

She was paraded in court on Sunday where the judge ordered that she be remanded in police custody for 3 days while investigation is carried out on her allegation that she was beaten several times by her employer in the workplace.

Police witness Sukru Hafez testified in court that Veronique had been unhappy with the inconvenience, inappropriate attitude and actions towards her at her place of work.

Veronique who worked at Zizzi Pizza in Famaguta as a cleaner claimed she is not treated well by the owner of the restaurant Cenk Akay' who always throw kitchen utensils like plates and fork at her, an attitude she said was inappropriate.

A police investigator told the court that Veronique who is registered at a Business School in Cyprus is found guilty for living without permission in the TRNC since 1 September 2017.

Hafız stated that he would obtain statements from the Nicosia Immigration Office and Business School regarding the matter.

He said that Veronique did not make any statements, but only said "I want to study" adding that the police are investigating her. 

He also requested that she be held in police custody for 3 days in court.

Veronique said she had been working in the restaurant for about 3-4 months, and said her employer did not give her any money despite working for months.

She also claimed that she had been beaten several times in the workplace when she threatened that she could not come to work because she has not been paid.

The presiding Judge, Meltem Dündar ordered that Veronique be remanded in police custody for two days for investigative purposes.   

She also gave directive that investigation be carried out if the suspect was assaulted by the police regarding the alleged assault.

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