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Fashion is a way of life, from Clothes to different accessories,  it's Something we can't do without. 

Getting the Good Stuff is what matters.  

Taynardees Fashion Online is an Online portal for indigenous and Nigerian initiated foreign fashion wears and accessories. 

In her recent press brief,  Mr IFE DAMOLA,  Ceo of Taynardees started that we focus majorly on indigenous content. We pay attention to details and put our customers need first. 

We’re dedicated to giving our customers the very best of fashion and style, with a focus on dependability, customer service, uniqueness and professionalism.

Apart from seller fashion products,  taynardees Fashion Online is also a market place for fashion entrepreneurs to displsy and market their products. 

Taynardees has a vision is to be Africa’s foremost fashion company providing bespoke and ready to wear clothing by creating the best experience with exclusive styles and designs accomplished with great customer experience for all our customers. 

We also aim at providing best quality products and services at the lowest possible price. Our aim is to have at least 85% Nigerian owned/made fashion products on our webisite.

Website: https://www.taynardees.fashion/

Tel: 012930130, 08061308336

Social media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/taynardees

Twitter: @taynardees1

Instagram: @taynardees__couture

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