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POSHMARILYN PERSONALITY PROFILE: Meet Victoria Nwobodo (Pineapple Model), a versatile Nigerian model.

Poshmarilyn Personality profile’s wheels took us on a ride to an unknown destination, but we discovered a priceless treasure. Like we also tell you on this site, the HUMAN RESOURCES is the most important resources in the world. Without humans, all the natural resources will have no meaning.
We were privileged to meet a very versatile and talented young Nigerian woman who is determined to gave her best to the society.
She calls her self “pineapple model”.
Read our chat with her.
Who is Pineapple Model, her inspiration and goals in life?
Pineapple Model:
My real name is Victoria Nwobodo.
I’m from Enugu state, a graduate of Enugu state university of science and technology…
My inspiration comes from God, my Mum and Pineapple 🍍 …
My goals are to get to the peak of my career, as a Model,Actor a public speaker and more… I also intend to run an organization that takes care of less privileged children.
Pineapple Model
Tell us about the “Pineapple Model” brand.
Pineapple Model:
The Pineapplemodel brand came directly as an inspiration to me…
I used to have people look down on me for no definite reason. While I was in 300level, I opted for the office of the queen of my school… during the process I never had support from any student or the School’s Union government… but I kept pushing… then one day I came across this ‘Be like a Pineapple, Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the Inside’.
This inspired me so much… cause I know people where checking Me outwardly some even called me ugly lol… but this didn’t stop me…
I kept pushing believing I already had the crown on my head, always standing tall like the pineapple that was how I emerged winner of my institution in 2015.. It didn’t stop there, the whole pineapple saga got people talking and asking questions they all wanted to know and it granted me two interviews on different radio stations..Trust me the pineapple is a very unique fruit I refer it as the KING OF FRUITS.
So far it’s the most outstanding fruit with a crown … so right now the whole idea of the Pineapple brand is to push,inspire and support models who feel they don’t have much to offer… it’s out to let them know that it’s not just about the outside but what you have on your inside, build them up with self respect, diligence and dignity… disappointing the crowd who never believed in them!
Victoria Nwobodo
What are the challenges you have encountered as an upcoming model and the blessings that come from being a model?
Pineapple Model:
The challenges have been great! “Laughs” trust me it contributed to making me who I am today and will still be; Most times my people laugh and mock me for being black, some even advice me to tone my skin a bit, I’ve been at a casting venue and over heard the photographer saying ahnn that girl is too black, and the people there turned towards my direction, but most of these things were later appreciated my other people. Sometimes when I enter a pageant the organizers would either want to get to bed with me or would want to send me out to some sponsors to get more fund for them, but these things don’t make me turn off, I always promised myself not to compromise to get to the top, I have a prayerful and praying mother and also I have a great believe in God I wouldn’t want to manipulate his plans for me…
There’re many more Challenges but I thank God I’ve scaled through. The blessings that comes with being a model are numerous;like the bible says a mans gift makes a way for him so I really thank God for his blessings so far!
Pineapple Model
What is your advice to the youths of Nigeria and Africa?
Pineapple Model:
My advise to the youths of Nigeria, Africa and the World at Large is just be yourself, whatever you believe works for you! Do what makes you happy,avoid stepping on toes to prevent repercussions and nemesis.
Pineapple Model
What are the 5 things that matter most to you?
Pineapple Model:
The five things that matter to me the most
1:God and My Believe in Him
2: My Family
3: My career and dreams
4: My relationship with friends and Fans
5: Money
Victoria Nwobodo
How people contact you for businesses?
Pineapple Model:
You can contact me through my Instagram @pineapplemodel on Twitter @pineapplemodel on Facebook @Queen Victoria Nwobodo.
Be enlightened!
Be inspired!!!
Be motivated!!!

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