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A popular Nollywood actress who was arrested over an alleged credit card fraud and money laundering by the Atlanta Police in America, has seen sent to jail as her mugshot surfaces online.
We had earlier reported this week that Nollywood Yorubaactress,Lola Margaret Oladipupois cooling off in an Atlanta, Georgia, jail after she was arrestedfor credit cardfraud in the United Statesof America.

Lola was arrested weeksafter attempting to withdraw suspicious sums from her account. She had been making the suspicious withdrawals for a while now, until the policewhisked her after a last attempt.
Sources close to the actress alleged that the Lola was initially releasedon condition that reveals the identities of the characters she was working with on the illegal withdrawals, and she did. However, the policelater returned to take her in for further interrogations, and she has been in their custody ever since.

There were no officialreports on the alleged cardfraud by the Atlantapolice, and also Lola’s colleagues in Nigeriain a bid to address the trending rumour, but the actress’ mugshot has finally been releasedonline as seen above.

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