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An alleged phone conversation between Rita Ibeni, a church member and Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe of Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry has been made public after he denied making sexual advances at her.
According to TheCable, a male voice alleged to be that of Kwakpovwe could be heard telling Rita how he would make love to her and she will forget her name.
In the telephone conversation, the man could be heard saying:
“I’m crazy about you but you are not so I decided to take my eyes off you. I’m just looking for someone to take out, yesterday I took somebody out yesterday and I want to take you out today but you are running from me, you would have enjoyed the two days now. Even Mummy respects you,”
The male voice further assured Ibeni that he would give her the best s*x of her life“Don’t worry before I do it, I’ll tell you. Don’t you know I can do it, I will do it and you will enjoy it, you will forget your name. You will be calling my name Chris, Chris. I can’t wait to have you.
“I’m missing you crazy please plan for us to see. If you want us to marry, we will have to plan it. I can never have more than two, I can not cope with anyone other than Mummy and you. You don’t call or text. I’m in Lekki, working alone and I want to hear from you, I prefer Whatsapp messages.”
Although the church has denied the audio recording, Rita has insisted that the phone conversation took place.
Rita has taken to social media to maintain her stand. She wrote: “I feel the time has come for me to speak out in the light of the media warfare and deliberate falsehood being dished from the pulpit against me by Bishop Chris Kwapovwe of our Daily Manna (ODM). My person and character has been consistently maligned by a man I once called Daddy, a man I once looked up to for inspiration and guidance, a man whose charisma stir up my faith to believe the impossible.
At the beginning of this nightmare, my faith and Christian upbringing restrained me from speaking out, for fear of being accused of attacking a “man of God” but as the saying goes silent means consent. To many my continuous silence in the face of being used as sermon topic week in week out is a confirmation of my assumed guilt.

I want to start from the very beginning to tell my side of this unfortunate story. My first contact with ODM was when I was invited to the month anointing service by a catholic family in 2010. After my first visit I started attending Sunday services and from there I became a member of the church, and subsequently joined the technical dept due to my previous experience as a volunteer. In September 2012 there was a vacancy for full time employment which I applied for and was employed.
Upon my employment, I continued to work as a camera man in the department until 2015 when the unit head Mr. Adewumi Aderemi was sacked, due to issues surrounding missing equipment. Upon his sack I was asked by Bishop Chris to take over from him. This elevation was the beginning of my nightmare. On assuming the position of unit head, I quickly took inventory with the HOD of the technical department Deacon Patrick Uchendu. After the inventory we found out that mixer, transmitter, video camera, Photo camera and photo album were missing. Together with Deacon Uchendu we went to see the AGO to report the matter. We eventually took the matter to Bishop Chris, who invited Inspector Clarus Atabor the Mobile police chief security officer to go and arrest Mr Adewumi. But that was the last I heard of the matter.
On February 14 this year Bishop Chris suddenly recalled Mr Adewumi and stated at the staff meeting that he heard that Mr Adewumi stole some equipment. But as a father he is willing to forgive him. He then asked Mr Adewumi to go to the Alter in the main auditorium to ask God for forgiveness from “his three friends”. All of a sudden the Bishop ordered me and Mr Adewunmi to take a fresh inventory. The second inventory confirmed the same items we found missing on Mr Adewumis departure in 2015. Meanwhile, the telephone sexual harassment continued, in spite of this official attitude.
I must confess that at first I was shocked, scared, and confused at the same time. I was in a dilemma as of what is the right way to handle such an abnormal situation, knowing that even my close acquaintances will struggle to believe me. So the double dealing continued, the Bishop will talk tough publicly and declare his love for me in private. It was indeed a nightmarish situation. I was between the devil and the deep blue sea, if I speak out I will be accused of trying to bring down a man of God and if I keep quit as I did the torment continues.
Faced with the challenge of who to turn to within my immediate environment without complicating the situation, I decided to stay away from work and stopped picking up the Bishop’s calls.
In all sincerity, I was hoping that the church intervenes by sending people to find out what actually happened and to resolve the matter in a Christian way. Rather what I got was a police raid from Ogudu Polices station on the 27th of march2017. I was arrested with the accusation that I stole the missing equipment; the case was reported by Pastor Ime Eno under the instructions of the bishop without reference to the church administrative and disciplinary organs. I protested that I was in poor health, as well as observing my menstrual circle. I was assured that I was only going to make a statement and return home. On arrival at the station, I discovered that I was the only one arrested and accused directly of stealing the missing items. Every effort to secure my bail by and lawyer was abortive as the police appear to be under instruction to keep me locked up. On the second day, to my utmost surprise Bishop Chris came with all members of our unit, including Mr Adewumi as witnesses against me, I expected that if something is missing the police would have conducted general investigation, why was I singled out? But to the glory of God none of them claimed to have seen me with any of the missing equipment despite being obviously coached on what to say. Same day in the DPOs office Bishop Chris was blowing hot and cold, he asked the DPO to appeal to me to return to work, with a promise to write-off the cost of the equipment after consulting with his “Three friends”. Due to the conflicting actions and utterances of the Bishop the IPO asked me to tell her what is going on between me and the Bishop. When it became clear that Bishop Chris was out to punish me, I had no option than to open up to explain why I stopped picking his calls and stayed away from work. When I said that, the police asked if I had any proof of sexual harassment and I requested for my phone and played a few recordings to them. On hearing the tape recordings the police quickly granted me bail and informed the Bishop of the development.
On learning of the tape recording Bishops Chris quickly told the police he was no longer interested in prosecuting the case but wants to settle the matter amicable. The next day he set up a meeting with my lawyer, his lawyer, publicist, me and his wife Rev Dr Flora Ejiro Kwakpovwe at Dominion Pizza at Ogudu. Bishop’s wife, who is the Assistant general Overseer of the Church, bought pizza for everybody. She requested to hear the tape and after listening briefly appealed for settlement, referring to the matter as a family matter. So the meeting ended on a very conciliatory note. Or so we thought.
Two days later my lawyer called me to say the Bishop requested for another meeting, insisting that he wants to see me to personally apologize to me. I declined to attend as I still wasn’t feeling well. I expected my lawyer to call to brief me on the meeting but didn’t hear from him, I called his phone but it was switched off. Late afternoon of the next day, my lawyer called me to inform me that Bishop Chris stormed the venue of the meeting at the same Dominion Pizza Ogudu with three truck load of men of Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS) to arrest them. They were detained at SARS office at Ikeja and hurriedly charged to listen. 

to audio leak below

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