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Did we see what rape victims go through on Big Brother Naija yesterday?

The Big Brother Naija housemates basically tore TBoss apart after Kemen said that she was responsible for his disqualification on Sunday. Although Kemen had the lowest votes and was going to be evicted anyway (unknown to the housemates), he was disqualified for his inappropriate attempt to molest Tboss as she slept at night. This was after he quickly checked to make sure no one was looking and the indoor cameras were not pointed at him.
After his exit, Bisola and married man, Thin Tall Tony ganged up with the other housemates and became hostile to Tboss.

Bisola even went as far as calling her 'an evil white witch, bitch and cursed'.

Eventually, after the truth was revealed to Bisola and the other housemates, they hung their heads in shame as they realized their terrible actions and went to apologize to her.

Nigerians were of course not pleased with their actions and dragged them on twitter. See more tweets and watch the video that caused Kemen's disqualification, below:

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