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Teen Mum Arrested After Giving Her 3-Month-Old Son Bl*Wjob

A 19 year old mother has been arrested and accused of sexually abusing her infant son and producing child porn with the resulting images.
According to court documents, Jazmine Nichole Pacyga, of Michigan, allegedly performed oral s*x on her three-month-old son, in the assault which occurred on Feb. 5..
Jazmine, who “admitted” to the crime, has been charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct and manufacturing child sexually abusive material. She faces up to life in prison.
The petition alleges the place Jazmine chose to create the video was their own house, which has now been deemed unsuitable for the baby, due to “drunkenness and neglect.”
According to Michigan Live, Jazmine’s parental rights have been suspended as a result and she has been lodged in the Muskegon County Jail on two felony charges with the child has been placed in the custody of DHHS and efforts are underway to determine the baby’s father..

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