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Killed it? #Rensta #Repost: @bawzcartel via @renstapp ··· “ So I decided to do some justice to d beat... #2flexing1minrap.. S/O to @real2flexing @430box_com LYRICS... I gotta bounce along gotta sing song U can't press my key ain't a ding dong U see ma flow so tight lika rizla But ain't tapping so good cuz I need more & now am fresh like d pizza men Owo wole no b shere I got d visa mehn I knw am blessed from the throne Jah keep me mehn More winning no losing am living mehn ... Holla for a min or a two when I wanna get inside u can see me how I do I rap for good Stash for good Bunk for good But Ain't loosing ma vision cuz I gat a new mission Shot on shot to d head accuracy is d key Better watch ur homie back cuz am coming like a beast. Serenity of d digits counting figures no rigid Popping bottles in d club u can't deny we so legit Fresh out from d zone like a clone Punches to d head of ma Haters with a bone Hazard beam spreading thru ur soul with a cone Tell ur girlfriend she shud leave me alone Eminani moti dago mi si le Eruku ti wole yes mo ti ka won yen si le I'm d ruler of d 7th world Bawz Cartel is d name and d Title... So. I Bounce... 💯 ”
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