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#BBNaija: TTT in trouble as his wife sends message to him – Is this the end of their union? (Video)out

Wife sends message:Oh wow, this just came in. It is alleged that the woman who sent this message is the wife of BBNaija’s infamous “Bisola Wrapper”. The sender says that, as he was watching things go down low in yesterday’s #BBNaija’s party, a streamed message came in. A message from TTT’s wife or is it just a joke? Someone posing to be his wife? Well, just maybe it is her or someone close to her.

The message was quite clear, telling him to stop engaging with whatever he is doing with Bisola, in a way, asking him to choose between Bisola and her..

For those who may not be able to see it well because of the low quality, the message sent reads; this kissing spree of yours in the house, late you will come and kiss me with that same mouth of yours. Know that your kids are watching this too.


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