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Secret Service call for the re-opening of Whitney Houston's death investigation

 A former secret service agent has called for the re-opening of Whitney Houston's death investigation saying its the only way to solve the mystery behind her daughter Bobbi Kristina's eerily similar death

From The National Enquirer
John A. Carman, a former Secret Service agent, told The National Enquirer, “This smacks of a double cover-up!”
Meanwhile, this publication has also learned another investigator, Isaac Weishaupt, has determined there is enough “evidence” to show the deaths could be related in both circumstance — and motive.
Both deaths are linked by a combination of drugs and Bobbi Kristina’s abusive boyfriend, Nick Gordon, 25, who was either near or at both death scenes.
“Whitney Houston ends up dead in a bathtub, covered with bruises, under hinky circumstances,” declared John. “Three years later, (Bobbi Kristina) dies in a bathtub, also covered with bruises, under hinky circumstances.”
John, who has worked hundreds of drug cases, said to solve the case, detectives must reopen a Whitney probe.
“Whitney’s case was dropped by Beverly Hills cops who didn’t do a proper forensic investigation,” he charged. 
“Her autopsy report had more questions than answers, and is frankly laughable as a legal document.”

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