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Photo of the Devil Baby with 666 mark on his forehead

A controversial photo of a ‘devil child’ with 666 in its curls featured by Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet caused turmoil among its readers. Several attentive readers of Sweden’s daily newspaper were shocked after they noticed an unusual photo of a girl, called Lucy, whose name and appearance was thought to be a reference to the devil.
Besides, the unusual photo was followed by a questionable email address “rehtom.snatas” – or “Mother of Satan” if read backwards.
The text of an ill-omened advert read: “Welcome to the world beloved LUCY. The baptism will take place in Elmsta 23 May 12:00.” When one of the readers contacted the newspaper for explantion, its chief information officer Björn Hygstedt said: “I had never seen anything like it. The reason the ad was featured in the magazine is simply a mistake. Unfortunately, we have failed in our procedures and it is a shame. We must ensure that it does not happen again.”

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